Change 12 key words

Hi everyone
I share my 12 key words to somone , and i
want to change my key words , because i dont trust them now
What can i do??


Can’t anything you do. Your wallet lost and I recommended create new wallet and save key word


Enyone can delete my wallet?
With 12 key words come to my wallet and delete wallet?
Or i can with 12 key word backup my wallet?

Because i active smart contract whith my wallet ip and i cant change the wallet


No way to change the recovery address, all you can do is create a new wallet.
Please be careful when dealing with these smart contracts.


Thank you
Smart contract is easy way to trust and know what happening
Its wrong?

We do not recommend any of this smart contracts.
Please refrain from posting them on this site.
As suggested on this thread, use a new wallet.
If you do not want to do that, contact the support of the smart contract for assistance.

Hi there need help please I shared my 12 key words with somebody ellse I’m in big trouble the think is my trust wallet is connected to dapps so I can transfer my funds to my wallet any ideas please
Thank you.

Hello @Alket read the following guide about exposed recovery phrase : My Recovery Phrase Has Been Exposed!

For staked assets, you can try to unstake and move them quickly before scammers do. Otherwise, nothing we can do.

Learn more about how to protect your cryptos and new wallet: