Change the address of a cryptocurrency

Hi Dear,
Is it possible to change the address of a cryptocurrency in TrustWallet under certain circumstances, for example after recovering that wallet or any other case?

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Hello @hadi492, It isn’t possible to change your crypto currency address.

Hello somebody is troubling my tron trx wallet please kindly change the wallet address for me he’s been stealing my coin from tron wallet

@Ayubaalhajiusman There is no way to change your address, please create a new wallet immediately and stop using the compromised wallet.

Thank you Tobi for your advice.

Unfortunately, my wallet was wiped and I only wrote down the first 3 letters of the 12 recovery phrase of my wallet because I thought that during the recovery, the 12 recovery phrase would be displayed to me and I just had to choose the correct order. Now, having the first 3 letters of 12 recovery phrase, and based on the bip0039 list, I made all the available combinations (for example, for the first 3 letters of the first word, I have ham, and in the bip0039 list, we have two words that start with ham, hammer and hamster), There are 1920 available combinations and I entered them into TrustWallet and 124 wallets with zero balance were opened for me. In this situation, when I continuously entered 1920 available combinations for recovery in TrustWallet, is it possible for TrustWallet to identify me as a hacker or any other unusual case and prevent the recovery of my wallet or show its balance as zero?

@hadi492 It is impossible to guess your recovery keys.
When you create a wallet, you are supposed to back up with your seed phrase which is 12 word long.

I guess not. As I said, I have the first 3 letters of every 12 recovery phrase related to my wallet

wrong address sent my ( bzen) token bnb to eth pleace help me kindly back my (bxen) token please trust wallets team

@Mo1122 Trust wallet has no way to refund, return or cancel confirmed transactions.