Change twt bep2 to erc20

With the current growth of twt, will there be need for changes from twt bep2 account to twt erc20 account.


I don’t think so. It’s part of binance and why they will change it to erc while they have a successful blockchain?


Ethereum network is already overloaded by increasing hype on defi erc20 tokens and transaction fees are higher than bitcoin’s. I think it’s better to stick with BEP2.


I also think we stick to bep2.

I like bep2 less fee look ,try send twt its less fee bnb eth is high


This will be more or less going back. Let the team do the needful as they know what is best for the project

Bep2 is good less fee

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You nailed it. The fee is almost free of charge.

hi, does anyone know how to change BEP2 tokens to ERC20, in particular crypto DOS

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ithing BEP² is good because its low fee is very swetable

Hi, I don’t think there’s an option for that yet

bep2 is a low transeation fess network and erc20 now charge high fess i think bep2 is best???