Changing USDT formats

Hi everyone, first here… is there a way to change the format of my USDT? My recipient only accepts OMNI formatted USDT.

I checked Binance and they offer withdrawal of USDT(OMNI)
You can send your USDT there and withdraw it with the needed format.

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Thank you Zachzwei… I am having a problem sending my Erc20 USDT anywhere. I cannot get it out of Trust wallet. Everything I try says I do not have enough ETH for network fee. Any suggestions or solutions? I tried manipulating the gas settings, cut my 335 max in half, etc.

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If you want to send ERC20 token, then you need ETH to cover network fee.

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Where bro
I don’t find usdt Omni any where in binance
Please help me

Thank you

You should reach out to Binance, and ask them this question.
Trust Wallet does not support USDT Omni.