Choose the right network

It should be noted that when we buy coins and want to transfer them to our wallet, we must first see if our wallet supports that network or not. For example, if we buy currency from the tron ​​network, we must know that These coins can only be transferred on the tron ​​network, not another network. Or if you bought currency on the eth network, you are only allowed to transfer coins on the same network. This is one of the most basic training in the digital currency market. But unfortunately We still see that different people make their transfers regardless of the network. So pay close attention to this issue. Thank you all dear ones. If you are satisfied with my article, like it and share it to Use the rest. Thank you all


So, what will happen to if I sent from bep20 to erc20? Total lost? No way to get it back?

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Transfer currency to any network you buy on the same network.Be very careful👍