Claim 1INCH Tokens with Trust Wallet

1INCH Token has just announced its governance token, 1INCH. The 1INCH token will be used in all current and future protocols within 1inch Network, starting with the 1inch governance Aggregation Protocol and the 1inch Liquidity Protocol governance modules.

Am I Eligible?

All wallets that have interacted with 1inch until December, 24, midnight (UTC), will receive 1INCH tokens as long as they meet one of the following conditions: at least one trade before September, 15, OR at least 4 trades in total OR trades for a total of at least $20.

Learn more here:

How to Claim

Open your Trust Wallet and access on the DApp browser.

Connect Wallet by accepting the Terms of Service and then tap on Trust. Your address will show up once it is connected. Close the Connect Wallet screen afterwards.

A message will show up indicating how much tokens you can claim. If you do not see it, try to refresh the page. Tap on the message and then hit Claim.

You will need to have some ETH on your wallet to be able to claim 1INCH tokens. Tap on Send to continue and then wait for the ETH network to process the transaction.

Once the transaction is confirmed, you will immediately see your tokens on the INCH wallet. Congratulations!