Clarifying BTC movements betweet TW and binance

Hi, im new in this world of crypto and i want to be sure if im right or im wrong to avoid mistakes and money losts.

To move BTC between binance and trust wallet i have to get an BTC adress in trust wallet of binance-peg BTCB BEP20 token, paste it into binance BTC withdraw with BEP20 network and use BNB to pay fees?

And vice versa, i have to use an BTC adress in binance with BEP20 network and paste it into binance-peg BTCB BEP20 withdraw in trust wallet, paying fees with BNB(the one with black icon, NOT the yellow one)? And finally i will have native BTC on binance?

Finally, yellow BNB on trust wallet is BEP2 and black BNB is BEP20?

Yes you are very correct except that withdrawal
of btc bep20 (Binance-peg BTCB BEP20) from Binance will charge you in BTCB and not BNB.

Only when sending from trust wallet to anyone or to binance you will need Smart Chain BNB (the black icon) to pay gas fees.

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Even better! Thank you!!!