(CLOSED) Article of the Week Vote #2: 1000 TWT Giveaway

CLOSED Winner here: https://twitter.com/TrustWalletApp/status/1328298983328890882

Every Friday we will be running an Article of the Week vote for the latest articles on our new publication: DApp Journey.

The vote is simple

  1. Follow @TrustWalletApp and @DAppJourney on Twitter.
  2. Read the articles on the DApp Journey Medium publication, and clap your favorite.
  3. Quote Retweet the @DAppJourney tweet of your favorite article from this week. This weeks article tweets are listed below. Include what you learned from the article in your Quote Retweet and the hashtag #WisdomOfTheCrowd.

The article of the Week will be announced on Monday 16 November, and one person who voted will be selected and win 1000 TWT.

Article One: The Unicorn Arrived, Uniswap Protocol Integration in Trust Wallet

Article Two: Meet 11 Promising DApps in the BSC Accelerator Fund

Article Three: Blockchain Governance, The Balance of Power

Article Four: Buying, Selling & Trading Collectible Cards with Sorare Fantasy Football

Article Five: Getting a .eth domain name for your Ethereum address

Please note, to have the chance to win 1000 TWT you must Quote Retweet your article from the @DAppJourney Twitter account, with a few words saying what you learned from the article and the hashtag #WisdomOfTheCrowd.