(CLOSED) DeFi Video Contest: Earn TWT

This is Trust Wallet’s first Wisdom of the Crowd contest. You could win up to $250 by showing us you’re one of the best video producers in our community. Read on to find out how you can take part.

It’s been a week since we kicked off the Wisdom of the Crowd initiative. In those seven days we’ve seen the number of TWT holders on Binance Smart Chain grow 10x, gained around 30k Twitter followers and TWT has undergone a transformation:

We burnt 89B TWT, reducing the total supply from 90B to 1B and then introduced TWT to Binance Smart Chain. TWT holders began flipping sweetness over at pancake.finance, with more than $1.6M TWT in the TWT-SYRUP pool already.

Share your Wisdom

Not everyone understands all the ways they can maximize their crypto holdings with DeFi on the Binance Smart Chain.

That’s where you come in.

We want you to create a short video, around 2-5 minutes, explaining how people can interact with DeFi platforms on the Binance Smart Chain.

Maybe you want to keep it simple and show people how to swap their BEP2 TWT for BEP20 and what this actually means. Or you want to really get into it and give a little introduction to yield farming itself. It’s up to you.

These are the rules:

  1. One video per person, it should be an original video - but if you created it recently and it fits what we’re looking for, feel free to submit it.
  2. Tweet your video on this Twitter Thread, and then retweet the thread so that the videos reach the highest number of people.
  3. Include the hashtag #WisdomOfTheCrowd
  4. Add a link to your video on this form, so that we don’t miss it.
  5. We’ll pick one winner ($250 TWT reward) and four runners up ($100 TWT reward)

It’s as simple as that. The best video producers will get the chance to become a regular creator for Trust Wallet, earning $250 TWT per video.

Contest closed at 23:59 UTC Monday, 12th of October. We will announce the winner and runners up within 48 hours :rocket: