(CLOSED) DeFi Writing Contest: Earn TWT

Write stuff, win TWT.

Welcome to our second Wisdom of the Crowd contest. This time we want to see the best crypto writing our community can create. You could win up to $250 by showing us you’re one of the best crypto writers around. Read on to find out how you can take part.

After some feedback from our crowd, we’ve simplified the contest submission process. You don’t need to submit the full article to our community pages, you can link to it hosted on your own blog, or Medium etc. This is a chance for you to become a regular paid writer for Trust Wallet. Your writing submission is owned by you and is yours to publish anywhere you choose.

Share your Wisdom

Not everyone understands all the ways they can maximize their crypto holdings with DeFi on the Binance Smart Chain, or how to find which DApps are safe and reliable. Some people are still learning about NFTs and collectibles.

That’s where you come in.

We want you to create a short-form article, around 800-1000 words, explaining one interesting aspect of DeFi, DApps and Collectibles.

Here’s an example by a professional writer, Alex Lielacher, to give you an idea of the standard of writing we are looking for. Note how Alex not only points the reader toward installing and using Trust Wallet but also goes into detail about the topic. He includes some history, links to some relevant projects and manages to tell a complete story at the same time.

Please include images in your article where relevant, and reference where you got the image with a link. Even if your images are not perfect we will use them as a guide to make even better version if you’re a winner or runner up.

These are the rules:

  1. One article per person, it should be your original writing - but if you created it recently and it fits what we’re looking for, feel free to submit it. We will check for plagiarism. If you cheat, or send a link to content that isn’t yours, you will be excluded from this and future competitions.

  2. Post your article, or a link to your article published on somewhere like Medium, in the submission section of the Wisdom of the Crowd on our community site. You can find the section here.

  3. Add a link to your submission on this form, so that we don’t miss it and can contact you easily if you are a winner, runner up (and/or we want to talk to you about becoming a regular paid writer.)

  4. We’ll pick one winner ($250 TWT reward) and four runners up ($100 TWT reward)

It’s as simple as that. The best writers will get the chance to become a regular creator for Trust Wallet, writing alongside our team and earning $100 of TWT for short-form articles (800-100 words), and up to $350 of TWT per long-form article (1250-1500 words).

We’ll invite the best writers to contribute to our new content hub in the future. Chosen writers will be rewarded for each article we commission (this contest is just to help us find you!).

Contest closes at 23:59 UTC Monday, 26 October. You must be Trust Level 1 to enter. We will announce the winner and runners up within one week :rocket: