CNS & CNR (centric cash & centric rise)

Hi guys,

Have you heard of centric cash and centric rise , what’s your take on this project?


My first time hearing it. Care for further explanation?

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When I joined them it was 2018, I thought it was a scam project, like a pyramid. But in 2 years they did an incredible job! They were also listed to Bithumb Global, CoinTiger, Probit and Oikos. 14 of august they are promise to list on Bittrex. So far I have only positive feedback about the project.


You upstake your centric rise for more profit
You convert your centric cash to centric rise for example 100 centric cash equals to 10 CNR which increases its value every hour and you can later convert it back to CNS and sell on probit
Type in joincentric . com in your browser to find out more about it

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Sounds interesting…just like every good project.

interesting…i d like tried them

Where can i buy CNS and CNR?

Probit Exchange CNS/USDT

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Never heard of it sounds like a Ponzi scheme… Will check it out later.

I never heard of these projects, could You please explain more about this project??

This is the first time i hear about Centric cash and centric rise. How’s this works ?