Coin addresses wrong after updating app


I updated the Trust Wallet app and even though I’ve used the correct 12-word pass phrases, my wallet now does not link to the original coin addresses.

I know that the coins haven’t been stolen by a scammer because the coins are still there according to the browser but the addresses are no longer associated with my Trust Wallet account.

Could you please help with this?

Here are my original coin addresses.

  1. ETH - 0xf5100ae9dff7aeeb050ab8e2a9ea5e7283e0cbd9


  3. Doge - DEZmzewPf36tU1XbiwLGS4JVjWMzcoyWGF

Thank you

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@carlchang25 Please make sure that you have the right set of words. You’re most likely importing the seed phrase to another wallet.