Coin decreasing And value not increasing

I have purchased 4300000 Uplink coin thru trust wallet but my coin is decreasing on daily uplink price going up. My wallet value is also not increasing. How to recover my uplink coin plz help

Hello @Premkishor89 There is no problem with the app. This token has an elastic supply.
Elastic supply tokens have a changing circulating supply. The idea is that instead of price volatility, what changes is the token supply through events called rebases.
Simple explanation. Price goes up, less tokens. Price goes down, more tokens.
I suggest you to read and understand on tokenomics of any project before investing.

I have a problem somewhat similar to this i think. So i bought ethm and my wallet is showing around 1k dollar but when I try to withdraw it only shows 0.5dollar. i actually bought it for 0.5dollar. can you help me out.