Coin price not shown bep2 but showing on BEP 20

I have noticed in my wallet that some of my coins are not displaying the live prices
Here they are:
-Bake bep2 not showing but bake bep20 showing .
Shiba bep2 not showing but Shiba erc20 showing

Hello @Mradmit pricing info is obtained from CMC, only chain that is registered on CMC will display the price. Some tokens example, Bake only registered BSC (BEP20) contract on CMC.

So, in the app, only BEP20 price will be displayed.

Cardano on cmc on binance smart chain ( bep20 ) but cardano bep2 price showing …
I can’t upload screen shot ( you can check cmc )

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Hello. Yes, that’s right. This is my question too. Cardano BEP2 and BitTorrent BEP2 price are shown, but TRON(BEP2) is not.
@Alan47 Please chek this problem.

Hello, team is aware of this issue. Will be fixed soon, thanks for the information.