Coin received but not showing up

please any advice would be appreciated. i am new to the whole crypto thing, i send bnb from binance to trustwallet. both binance and trust wallet said the transaction went through. but i cant see the bnb in my wallet when i click on it, it says -2118 confirmations?

its worked before, so i dont know why it failed this time?
thank you


Update: it just took 5 hours. I wasnt aware it could take that long sorry


Help pls!!! Sent eth bsc(bep 20) from binance to trust wallet it showed received but I haven’t seen it in my trust wallet

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I need some help as well. I do not know how to start a thread but I see this option to reply. If anybody is out there please. Help me. I sent some XRP to my wallet and I received it in my Trust App but it says the balance is 0 XRP. I don’t get it. Anybody know what happened to my XRP?

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I am the same, bought XPR though moonpay & simplex, still recived in my wallet alough it’s showing as revived but not in my wallet

Did you manage to solve this problem because I’m having the same problem but with bitcoin instead

I sent xrp from binance also since an hour but the balance showed zero and no notification about receiving in Trust app.

I have send xrp to my trust wallet but missing 20 xrp I ask support but no reply until now

Hello @Lawchuahr There is a 20 XRP fee required in order to activate an XRP wallet. This is set by the XRP network and not by the app.
Read more: How to Create and Activate your XRP Wallet