Coins sent to the network that do not support Trust Wallet

Hello everyone! I’m glad to see many answers to various problems. I read it long before I opened this discussion. The idea is that I need help or advice.
My problem arose when I moved the Pink coins from the Trustwalet wallet to the Moonriver network without informing me. I didn’t know Moonriver didn’t support TrustWallet. The transfer was successful, I see them on the blockchain, but I don’t have access to them. I guess the process is not reversible, what can I do? Is it possible to have Trustwallet in Moonbeam / Moonriver accepted in the future?

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Hello @Adibm
That depends on the Moonriver team if they make that decision.

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hello, help me to recover funds incorrectly sent to a public address. indeed I sent Tron on which no longer takes it. and they say it’s trust wallet that can return the funds to me. tell me what to do

Hello @Juste
If the transaction was confirmed sent already, then only the receiving wallet can help out.
Trust Wallet cannot reverse, cancel, nor refund confirmed transactions in the blockchain.

Hello @Adibm,
I hope you managed to recover your funds but if not i am here to help.
I did the same mistake by bridging BNB from Binance chain to Moonriver only to realize later that TrustWallet does not support Moonriver network.
In order to bypass this all you need to do is import your TrustWallet to Metamask wallet and then add
the Moonriver network to it and then import the MOVR token. Let me know if you need more clarification about the steps. Regards, hope this is helpful!

A strange error even though I was using QR, I copied the address from Blockchain and I succeeded! I wish you all the best!

Hi, thank you very much, now I see my funds in Metamask!

The problem is that I can’t move them from there to another metamask wallet or staking. I can’t even add funds to Metamask for transaction fees.
I don’t understand why I get this message when I want to add funds to Metamask: “Withdrawal address format is wrong Check address length and character content”

Thank you very much for your patience, it is an important first step I took thanks to you!

@Adibm if you are experiencing error with Metamask it is better to contact them for support.