Coins that generate the best profit when staking

Hey I was curious what coins you are staking and what sort of Percentages you are getting in return. I was thinking about getting into it but I am unsure where to do it or what coins I should start with. Is it even worth it?

Thank you! any advice helps to begin looking into it.


You should check MATIC, they just start staking maybe about 2-3 weeks ago so the more you will get.


ill check it out! thank you

Algo is good profit is steady too

$BAND is the answer you seek

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Binance has lots of them and is the biggest exchange and you will find it more interesting there too.

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Go for MATIC…just a recommendation

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Is matic Staking on trust wallet

Get ready to stake Swipe Token (SXP) starting from August. Insider info claims it will be massive returns.

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For me Tezo and Tron have wide choice for staking and earn reward thru their announcement in telegram
A lot of new project coming up.

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I will suggest Rapids coin to you. $RPD is one of the coins with the best staking reward. Its 60% for Master Node and 35% for non Master Node. You can do your own findings too on Rapids

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Main question behind staking is inflation on tokens. As classical theory says when coin got price x on all amount if you double the amount of coins it will not made it cost twice. So check inflation rate of token and emission model before try to calculate real APR. There is couple of solutions (like savings on binance) that is better for quite investment without risks. You can even stake btc there at rate of 1% APR, but its btc, that got inflation rate of 0,1% a year without calculating inflation on usd rate. Financial operations like staking need to be calculated very carefully before start.