Coins was said to be successfully sent to my wallet

Hi @Alan47, I’m reaching out hoping you could help on this issue:

Coins was said to be successfully sent to my wallet. But its not appearing. Could you help to check on this?

  1. App version: 6.2, Android

  2. Receiver address:

  3. There is no transaction id

  4. BTC coins was to be dropped on monday 30May. And I’ve got email confirmation from them that it was successful.

"Coins 0.20773988#BTC USD6000 has successfully been added to wallet "

However, when checked on wallet nothing came through.
To bypass restrictions blockchain emailed me to top up. Which i did. And till to date the coins are yet to be reflecting on my wallet. Could you help to check on this please?

I’ve been trying to reach out for support. But they closed my ticket without any solution.

Appreciate your help. Thanks!


@Noormos ask the sender to give you transaction hash for the specific transaction which is missing. I don’t see transaction of 0.2 BTC entering your wallet.

Thank you. I’ve asked for transaction # but they did not provide any yet. Hopefully I’ll get that info soon.

Is there anyway of me losing the coins? For example they claimed to have sent… but i did not receive. Does this means I’ve lost my capital/coins?