Community Appreciation - 500,000 TWT Giveaway

Competition now closed. Winners will be contacted soon.

To celebrate hitting 100k followers on Twitter we’re allocating 500,000 TWT to active community members over the next month. To qualify you have to:

  1. Have an account Trust Level of 1 or more.
  2. Be active on the community site within the last 7 days on August 21, 2020.

You can increase your Trust Level by being active on the site. Reading, commenting, and posting will help you level up. If you spam your account will be banned and you will be excluded from the giveaway. Here’s a useful guide to increasing your level.

You can view your Trust Level by going to your account and viewing the summary.

How the TWT will be distributed

The 500,000 TWT will be distributed to active users in each ‘Trust Level’. Each level is assigned a pool of TWT which will be split equally between qualifying accounts in the level.

The prize pools are as follows:

Level 1: 100,000 TWT

Level 2: 175,000 TWT

Level 3: 225,000 TWT

There is a minimum reward of 500 TWT per person. If there are too many people that qualify in one level, qualifiers with the oldest community accounts will be chosen.

We will be limiting the maximum any single community member can win to 10,000 TWT. If one level’s prize pool isn’t fully distributed it will be added to other level pools.

As mentioned above, if you spam or attempt to try and game the system in any way, you will be excluded from the giveaway immediately and be banned from the forum.
What is considered spam? Those who comment, “thanks”, “I agree” or anything that has no value.

After the event ends, we will review user activity and disqualify those who have not followed the rules. This is a community site that is intended to help other users in using Trust Wallet and promote crypto awareness. Unrelated discussions like trading, nonsense posts or comments with no value will be flagged and removed.