Confirmation trade, charts and favorite options make work more easier

hello guys …
first i really wana say thanks for all the efforts you guys are doing here :slight_smile:

then i have some issue to write here some for help and other for making using trust wallet more easy

  • when i am working on the binance dex and placing a trade a window will pop up asking me to confirm on the app (trust wallet) but nothing will show up there even when i my wallet in connected to the binace web dex so i am forced to go to the trust wallet app and place the trade from there .

  • in the trust wallet app exchange DEX is very simple like you cant get into the chart to check how the price is going up or down ? also i need always to look for coins i am watching always by searching for it among the long coins list and a favorite option will make this work a lot easier.
    so i think having charts and choosing favorite coins make the work more easier on this app…

this for now since i am a newbie with this app :slight_smile:

thanks so much


Hello @Zaher1985, thanks for your observation and suggestion. Team Trust will look into your suggestion to add a favourite feature and advance Chart (I need this too).

About the issue you are having, are you using the Wallet Connect feature to connect trust wallet to the Binance Dex on laptop or are you using the Binance Dex in Trust Wallet App?

If you use the in App Dex, try to update your App if you haven’t done so. If that doesn’t resolve it, clear Trust Wallet cache and try again. The same applies to the Wallet Connect feature also.



thanks so much
issue solved :slight_smile:

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I hope they consider it too

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