Confused by the BEP2 and BEP2 or Binance networks on Trust Wallet

Yes, please help we sir. I am confused by the BEP2 and BEP2 or Binance networks on Trust Wallet - suddenly it can empty itself or it turns into 0 (I have repeatedly updated the Trust Wallet application but the value is still 0), and this has happened repeatedly to me . How do I solve this sir, does this have to happen repeatedly to me or other members, and if it happens repeatedly, it must be detrimental to me or other members for not being able to make transactions, especially the BNB network (BEP2 and BEP20). And among my tokens that suddenly turned 0, including BNB - TWT - Pivot (PVT). For this reason, we hope that in the future the BNB network will be able to act professionally for the sake of our progress together. Greetings, good luck always to BNB - Trust Wallet, and on the air forever. Thank you, your loyal members say …

My BNB :


Address: bnb1ww42saxkvpu8fa0wadyrvpnsgcd4mk7hhcesum | BNB Beacon Chain

Based on your screenshot, you are currently using mobile data. There are times where the balance is not displayed accurately due to the internet connection issues. I highly suggest in using a WiFi with a strong internet connection. Try to use a VPN as well.

Can I send BTC from Binance to Trust Wallet using BEP20 fees?
Thank you!

Hi @aserra,

Yes, you can. Please be informed that you will receive a pegged token for that, not a native BTC.

Thank you iamdeadlyz
But when (and if) I send it back to Binance, it becomes a native BTC again, correct?
I mean, if I need to cash out or something…

In a sense, yes. Binance will simply log it to their database that you have that amount of BTC deposited.

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Hello, I sent BTC from my Trust Wallet for Binance using the BTC native network instead of using BEP20(BSC).
Will I receive my Bitcoin or not? Its been 5 hours since I sent it and still pending.

trust wallet uygulamasından quantum project coin almıştım. Bu coinin bir kısmını binance uygulamasında bnbye transfer ettim. Fakat hala geçmedi hesaba.Sanırım bir yerde hata yaptım.yardımlarınızı rica ediyorum