Connect BSC

Hello. I’ve spent too many hours trying to figure out how to connect my newly funded Trust Wallet to (to buy a new token). I already had a MetaMask account that would not allow me to add the Network Name: BSC Mainnet New etc… Therefore, I set up this Trust Wallet and I’m still in the dark.
Please help


Hi @caquinn please check the below example on how to connect and trade on PancakeSwap

How to use TWT for DeFi on PancakeSwap

I can tell you the user experience in this stuff is very very bad. Trust wallet doesn’t connect to pancakeswap anymore properly. And when you create a topic here its gonna be closed soon.

Metamask should work, but its one of the weirdest tools outside. Have fun to import a mnemonic seed or managing accounts there. Its so sad.

I think they are working on their own integration of the dex and just don’t care anymore to be able to connect to other smart contracts.

You can use only the built in functions of pancakeswap.