Connecting to the exchange using API keys

Hello everyone in this community!

This is my favorite wallet! And like everyone else, I also want him to get better! :slight_smile:

Today I want to bring to your attention one idea “Connecting to the exchange using API keys”.

Why is it necessary, because it is convenient. I recently submitted my DOTs (on the BEP2 network) to an exchange address. It was not very convenient to switch between applications, which is worse, when I sent the tokens to the exchange, I accidentally deleted the last MEMO digit. Well I managed to get the funds back to the wallet. But after that I realized that I needed not two applications, but only one! Agree, it’s convenient to have just one application with which you can manage your wallet and funds on the exchange. The easiest way to achieve this is with the API.

We can simply create keys on the exchange and connect them to our Trust Wallet.

That would be great. Below, I present how I see this creation. I hope you enjoy it too! :slight_smile:


Would love api… Make figuring out taxes take 1 click of a button instead of digging through bsc scan for the 250k compounding transactions on pancakeswap… Among other things.

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Bonjour et merci a vous
j’aime bien Trust j’apprécie votre méthode .
Mais où trouver cette clé API de mon compte?