Connecting wallet and community profile

Hey everyone. Quick one, do we need to do anything to bind our community profile with our trust wallet address? They seem not quite integrated, but can’t find anywhere in the wallet to put my community profile (eg. email address) or anywhere in my community profile to bind a wallet address…


You cannot bind trust Wallet address to Community profile as well as community profile to trust wallet app
There is no connection between wallet and profile

Trust community is created for you to chat about any questions, feedback, or ideas you have about Trust Wallet. We want to know: what features you need, the coins you’re desperate for, your vision of a decentralized future, and any issues you’ve encountered!

And wallet is to store your crypto
Send and receive coins and tokens
You can check price etc etc


Only if you would write it in the column meant for “website link” on your profile page


click on the icon at the upper right corner of your TW as seen. It will lead you to the Trust community.


Inside your app, go to parameters, then ‘‘Help center’’ it will bring you to this Trust community, just log in and I think it is now binded.

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I think it’s just opening community website with account that is currently logged in, but it’s not a link between wallet and community account.


Also you can add trust wallet community to your phone screen

the community is to exchange opinions …
more many information to you are use …
file. Personal gmail helps you interact well with the community …