Consolidating dust

I have about $50 in my wallet, but can’t send money because of dust errors; I think this means that my $50 actually comprises lots of small chunks that are too small to send. The Trust Wallet Android app seems very basic - my partner has the Trust Wallet iPhone app and it lets him do things like set the network fee, sell via the app, while the Android one seems very basic just has buy/sell and nothing else. So I’m wondering if a) there is a way I can see my UTXOs to see what’s going on (someone suggested blockchair and to “look for the UTXO section”, but there doesn’t seem to be a UTXO section), or better still a simple guide on whether it’s possible to consolidate this dust, and how. There doesn’t seem to be a Trust Wallet website, only the very basic Android app, so I may need to use a 3rd party website to do this. Any suggestions? The websites I’ve found seemed aimed at programmers, not novices like me!

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@ChrisLeicester You can still use blockchair to check the utxo on your address.

I’m getting an error code 200. I am showing that I have ADA but I’m not able to move any of it. I checked the cardono scan and it shows it at my address. Also upon refresh I have different totals of ADA. Trust Wallet isn’t updating the few ADA that I added yesterday. But on chain it shows it in my wallet.

I’ve reinstalled the app
Cleared cache
Tried another device

Sorry I would have started my own thread but there wasn’t an option for me that I could find on mobile.

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Thanks Tobi - I was hoping to do that, but I can’t see how to view UTXOs on my address. This is what I see - a transaction on 9 December (which was just my partner sending me some Bitcoin as a test - but I can’t send it back because of dust errors), and previous send/receives from months ago. None of the transactions are tiny. And that’s all that’s on the screen - a list of transactions.

I’m guessing as I can’t send 0.001BTC, or even 0.0007BTC, that the 0.00116662BTC that I have consists of lots of dust rather than one single amount - but how do I find that out in blockchair, please?

I do have a screenshot, but it seems I can’t post links or images here, presumably because I’m a new poster. But it basically has this layout:

Total received, total spent

Received 0.001BTC 9 Dec 2023
Transaction hash…

Sent 0.00668467BTC 24 Jul 2023

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@ChrisLeicester You may need to do some more research to find a way to check UTXO on your wallet.

It’s why I asked on here. All the searches I’ve tried have either said “check the UTXO section”, or are on programmer-related sites about calling interfaces, but I can’t find a UTXO section, either on blockchair or on the Android app. So I thought other users of Trust Wallet may have had the same issue and would be able to offer some advice, which is why I thought the Trust Wallet community would be a useful place to ask.