Contest : Trust limited edition NFTs

For all those community members who recently missed the opportunity to participate in the TWT giveaway on Twitter, here is an opportunity to get something more exclusive. Trust Wallet is giving away 10 Limited edition NFTs to selected few.

Here is the link to the tweet Trust wallet NFT giveaway

Just to let you know that by sharing this, I am reducing my chances for winning this, but still I will be happy if someone from our community wins.

Lets go Trust Community and get the NFTs.

Plus you also get a chance to win exclusive NFTs from Binance by clicking on this link. Get your brains working and try these ones too. Do share the answers to see whether you got them right .

Binance Academy NFT


The last question put me off completely, but gave my guesses anyways :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Giveaway are not easy to earn this days

Really? TO THE MOON. To me that was the easiest one but it take me a lot of time to look back again for the letters and made me found that I have 4 wrong answer.

Anyway, after they announce the right answer, I think I still got the first question wrong, I might choose coin mixing instead of coin join. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I like that kind of riddle btw, and we have enough time to answer. Not like when they have treasure contest, when we got the answer, the wallet is already empty. :grinning:

To be honest, I did not have the time or energy to play riddles so my bet is on you guys to win something and make us all proud :relaxed:


Same here contest where they would be thousands of people and even if you pass the riddles you still don’t stand a chance lol… Am simply team spectator.

Same here, when it said about the letters at the end, I went back and corrected two answers I had wrong, To the moon!!

Did anyone amongst us win?

Yes, I won. I got the reply today. :grinning::grinning:



congrats, hoping mine is sat in the outbox pending, either that or I didn’t get 100%!

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Congrats, fren! Enjoy your prize.