Conversion of TWT from Bep2 to Bep20 on trust wallet

Can the management pls make a process whereby the conversation can take palce on trust wallet to make a faster and easier way for holders of TWT


Hello Friends, :speaking_head:

TWTbep2 to TWTbep20 convert easy or difficult.
My personal opinion that it is difficult.

Idea for Trust Wallet team; :trust:
It can be so easy if they do it like BNBbep2 to BNBbep20. If TWT listed in the binance then simply we can deposit as bep2 and again we will do withdraw as bep20.

What do you think?
Thanking you
Anamul :pray:


many user have not use pc is a big problum for mobile user i thik its good idea for swap


Now that the conversation from TWT BEP2 to BEP20 has been launched for PC and MAC users the Android users too should have the same privilege of swapping TWT BEP2 to BEP20 on their Android phone.

I hope the trust wallet team can help us with this.



Yeah, it should be a natural progression of things in my humble opinion. It should be possible to manage all of the swaps and conversions from inside the Trust wallet!


I just attempted to convert now and it said invalid address. What exactly are we supposed to do to swap the token. Kindly help out

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Mine worked like a charm, total process took less than five minutes and transaction time was less than 30 seconds. You need a little BNB for this swap


The bep2 address is different from bep20 address, bep2 Can only be swap on binance dex, best advice to avoid lost of token, swap your trusted wallet token to bnb on dex then send it to binance exchange bep2 address, u can now send the BNB back as bep20 to bep20 address then u can use bsc swap to swap it to trusted wallet token bep20 it’s listed their, it’s a long process but seems safe since no mobile swap from bep2 to bep20 yet


Thanks I think this seems better, so will try it out

Do we need to swap or it’s just an option, can’t we just hold bep2 token?

mostly in trust we holding a small amount of some coins…so make options like burn small amount of coin for twt token…like bnb in binance.

This is just an option on you guys.

Sell your TWT BEP2 on Binance Dex (TW). Then send your BNB to your Binance CEX account. Withdraw back your BNB at Binance CEX to your BSC BNB address at Trust Wallet. You have now BNB BSC token. You can now use it to swap on Pancakeswap and get TWT BEP20.
This is cheaper since sending BNB takes less fee.
You need not PC or Laptop to have TWT BEP20 but find your own ways.


This is a great idea, it would even raise the price of the token, since the other tokens would switch to TWT to make this conversion from bep2 to bep20 from vice versa …


Yes I totally agree. Easy conversion of TWT should take time for consideration.

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This is a great idea. Conversion of TWT bep2 to bep20 is somehow difficult. But in conversion of BNB bep2 to bep20 is easy enough to make. I hope Trust Wallet Team do something about it and consider our opinion. Thanks