Convert small balance

I’ll like if there is an option to convert small balance into BNB, BSC or TWT.


You need to have this coins in your binance exchange to do this

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The idea is to add the function into the trust wallet app

It’s only possible on centralized exchange. Decentralized wallet can’t do this, because it’s not allowing to cross-chain actions. It might work only for BEP2 or BEP20 tokens

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It would be nice to have it not restricted to only coins on eth, Bin, etc… also could you have a swap button next all coins and when trust can not swap it can you pop up options that make it possible, like noob ideas to help us noobs out

Also could you and the game token GZLR it’s and NFT game that people can make some good money on, these people dev it show there faces I don’t see this being rug pull if it was there the dumbest criminals of all time…

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This is an idea I like very much. It is true that the existence of coins that exist in small amounts was very annoying.