Convert Small Balances into $TWT

Hello TWT community !

I aman early user of TWT (I did receive the 1st airdrop and download app day 1)

The only one missing feature for me is a way to convert all the small balances to TWT. Binance does it in the spot wallet, we can automatically convert all our small balances to BNB. I have already dozen of small balances currency from 0$ to 10$ and I would be happy to swap them all into TWT with small fees like Binance do with BNB. Let me know if I am the only one thinking it will be a major improvement.

Best regards.


This is a good suggestion we look farword to this


That’s not possible since TrustWallet is a decentralized wallet and all transactions is done at blockchains networks so they need to pay fees to networks miners or validators.


they could imagine and create a smart contract using one of the binance AMM like pancakeswap to automatically implement this function and we pay some fees with $BNB like everything in the #BSC network

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