Converting TRC20 Token to BEP20 Token

Hi, I have some USDT on my TrustWallet, sent from Binance via TRC20 network. How can I convert it to BEP20 network? The balance is showing correctly, but if I want to swap the coin, there’s even no USDT (TRC20) in search results. I have some screenshots, but I can’t see an option to add a photo/file anywhere.


Hello @ferero18,

It is not possible to convert TRC20 to BEP20. You need to deposit it on then withdraw it as BEP20 (BSC).


I’m also stuck with same.
I transferred TRC20 usdt and now I cant do nothing.
Cant also withdraw. The fees are too high. Than the withdraw money. Could you help me


To get TRX:

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