Correct BSC won’t show on trust and won’t send or swap due to insufficient balance by

I had bought BNB and sent to my trust wallet then switched to BSC. Now whenever i try to send my BSC or use it with an app like pancakeswap it is saying I have an invalid amount. My previous balance is the only balance that is showing but doesn’t show my new balance after adding the new bsc coins.

Sometimes on trust it will intermittently show the correct balance and when I try sending any amount (minus gas) it continues to say insufficient funds. I checked bsc scan and my wallet address displays the correct amount. Why is trust wallet not able to register my correct amount as I need to send my coins out?

On bsc scan it is correct but when I connect trust wallet to pancakeswap it shows my correct amount but when I attempt to swap, it says it is insufficient even when I know the balance is correct. I have pictures below.

My wallet address: 0xB2d49f053269904ca13459Cb6Bb3555a3206fe75

Original BNB TX hash: B60CF90FA30057B7DB5ADC7B19A56DF7DB969CDA677D9B989E5347FAF8F5EBD9

Correct bsc balance on trust:

Error when trying to send:

Reverted balance to incorrect:

Pancakeswap shows correct balance:

Error from pancakeswap: