Cosmos network. Update for wallet

The wallet writes “Transfers are not working. Waiting for a new app update”
We have been waiting for an app update for a couple of weeks now. Why is it taking so long? Is someone doing this?


All the info I’ve found online points to the update being finished. This leads me to believe, as someone else posted, that it’s up to the individual wallets to get busy and update their programs to allow for transfers.
The annoying part is that the upgrade is done on cosmos website and yet still unable to transfer cosmos into my trust wallet. When will trust wallet update their end of the process?


Hi, I have same issue. Is this a platform only for community discussion or someone from support will answer? I tried to submit a ticket but it is also not working. The support service really not so good.

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I have this problem too! I don’t know what can I do and support of trust wallet it’s not good,!