Could someone explain what happened please?

Hi, I’m having the same problem and as I see a lot of people too. Posted this on Reddit where I explain all the details:

Hi @SergiRH,

It looks like you deleted the post, I’ll place the screenshot here instead.

When swapping tokens for the first time, you have to approve it first to be spendable. And, that is what you did just now. So, in order to swap it, you have to enter the amount of TWT then press the “Swap” button.

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Man, this is what I’ve done. I entered the amount (clicked on 100%) and then I pressed “swap”…

Correct me if I’m wrong. The very first time you want to swap tokens you have to spend some BNB in order to be spendable? Do I have to waste BNB again (swapping BNB to BSC and then pay the fees again?

Next time I’ll record my screen to make sure I’ve done everything correct because for now I don’t get it…

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In smart cahin you have to click twice first to approve your wallet second for doing swap.
It means you have to pay for 2 different actions.

Correct. You need to spend some Smart Chain BNB (the one with a dark logo) in order to make your TWT BEP20 spendable.

So, basically, swapping for the first time needs two transactions: approve and swap.

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