Couldn't get full listing of my coins with MyCrypto or Enjin


I couldn’t get full listing of my coins with MyCrypto or Enjin:

Trust 1.16.18

In Dapp browser > app DOT mycrypto DOT com/add-account/web3 > Connect to Trust

Your account has been added.
“Your account with the address 0x68………… has been successfully added!”

Go to “Tokens” a little further down the page > Click on “Scan”

Only ETH is displayed
BNB, ZIL, DOT, USDT, TRX etc. are not

Waiting for MyCrypto feedback

Enjin Android app 1.9.2-r:
Open wallet > Import Wallet > Import Trust (mnemonic words)

Only ETH balance (positive) is displayed
All other Tokens with a positive balance are missing even when they’re added one by one.

On the other hand “Watch address” is working for these missing Tokens and balances are correct.

That would mean that only Trust multi-coin wallet is unavailable for both MyCrypto and Enjin.

But it could also mean that it is not possible to access your multi-coin wallet without Trust…
(no way to export private keys for tokens)

P.S.: By the way is there any other solution to provide links differently when it is forbidden?


Not received my XRP to wajirx


Hello @keisha,

MyCrypto can only detect ETH and other ERC-20 tokens. The same goes for Enjin, but they also display ERC-721 and BEP2 tokens. Either they will automatically detect it or you have to manually enable the tokens so they will show up. This is not an issue with Trust Wallet. Please reach out to them directly if you encounter any problems.

To add, all of the wallets that support mnemonic phrases for importing will accept the recovery phrases of the multi-coin wallet. You can even derive your private key for different types of coins and tokens using this tool:


Hi @Ravi7689, please contact the support team of Wajirx directly so they can assist you.