Crypto market boom like rocket because of Covid 19

:rocket:Crypto market is increasing day by day because of covid 19. Because most of the investor investing in this crypto market. Out side business situation is not good for this covid 19. So that most of person trying to do invest in online sector. And crypto is the best among them.

This my point of view. What do you think? :speaking_head:


Cool…everyone is finding good safe haven as store of value. Bitcoin is just that.


Covid 19 brought with it a downfall in the world economy, this also affected the crpto world and crpto prices fell, so it made crypto cheaper for people to invest

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@Chikeluike no bro I think, people think crypto is the safe in this pandemic situation

the evolution of the markets also drives upwards, we see new technologies based on the cryptography example defi :rocket:


@Robot16 most of the holder likes defi

Yes soon many people will understand about cryptocurrencies and invest on projects etc etc

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