Crypto missing!

Sent from Smart Chain to ECOMI (OMI) on the 6th of April and transaction was successful but have not received crypto on my trust wallet.
I double checked the address and it is 100% right.
What can I do to resolve. I am really frustrated. Please help.

You should check the hash of the transaction in the blockchain explorer,
if you cannot just share it here, we will help you.

Hi everyone,

I have also faced a similar issue. I transferred ETH(0.00011) from Binance to my trust wallet through BSC on 16th April, I still don’t see it reflecting. I see the transaction to be completed on Binance website.

hello , i also sent 35 XRP from binance to my trust wallet but i just received 14 of them!!! what should i do? any help?

Hi can someone help me i transfered my doge to a wrong adres aparently the adres wasn’t the same anymore though they came from that adress in the first place

I purchased 13.6$ of fox only 6.8$ is showing on my trust wallet please help

There is no upload being possible at this time

This is my transition hash please check


I swapped 13.6$ of fox but only 6.8$ credited rest ?