Cryptocurrency is an excellent means of money création

1- It all starts with “BUY” in your Etronic crypto wallet (Bitcoin,Ethereum,Litcoin,Tron…).

2- Your money can’t multiply by letting it sleep in your wallet so you have to “invest” on a Defi platform (decentralized finance).
To do this after buying crypto, you need to create an account on an investment platform by providing your KYC (your identities) or you can invest directly if it is Defi.With Defi you do not need to create an account and make KYC you just need to connect your portfolio directly to invest and earn interest according to the rates of each platform.

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@KASA So where would I find the Defi platform for certain crypto bought? I can not seem to find mine…probably looking behind the wrong door…Lol!


OK, on aave, just, 1inch you can invest.

Go to Google and search for information on aave,just,1inch.


Excellent…thank you very much.


Good information you shared, but it will be good if you elaborate more and make the info more interesting. A lot of people don’t know how to go about the Defi, and such platforms. I’m definitely one
Thanks for the info


OK thank you also brother

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OK after I will do it


That will be really nice.
Thanks men

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OK great my brother…

It is my personal opinion that everyone should invest that amount how much he can lose. Then he never will be loser. Can kill time but will not be loser.

You’re a genius, in trading you always invest what you could accept to lose if that happened.

It always takes a special budget to invest in trading.