Customers service needs to improve!

I sent 4 tickets in the last 3 months regarding balances not reflecting on my bep2 coins (binance beacon chain ), but no reply from the team .
I posted 3 times on this community site but my posts were deleted .
Thanks tobi if you can reply

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@Samsufi Are your tokens shown with no value or not shown at all ?

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I need help please,I sent bitcoin to my wallet and it show’s completed on the transaction history but by didn’t reflect on my bitcoin balance please help me

I cannot attached a screenshot it says error everytime so I cannot show you a screenshot of the wallets and the binance chain .

Other coins balances are correct only my bep2 coins balance is zero .
I have the last update and I reimport and clean cache everytime .
My btcb wallet balance show 0

I have checked the coins are visible on the binance beacon chain .

Here is my last ticket number from 24 march 737743

Thank you Tobi for responding

If I send another ticket and still have no answer what can I do next ?

Why no truswallet annoncement about the beacon chain sunset .why no reply to my tickets and my post ?
Truswallet is binance and their chains .

There is no better wallet than trustwallet for the binance chain isn’t it ? so what is going on ?
My coins are stucks for months.
No help no support from the team what should I understand ?

@Samsufi If your tokens are not still being shown, I’d advise you import to a wallet that supports the beacon chain and withdraw from there if you need your funds urgently.


It seems like no one is allowed to comment on the binance beacon chain .
A real community help each other to find out information and also alert in this case .

If it was just me then why no one from truswallet has help me in 4 months ?

I cannot access any of my bep2 coins with math wallet or any other software.

You must know Tobi I complain since january and all I heard was a distraction .
No one can talk about this beacon chain sunset and real schedule .
It is no doubt a scam to stuck peoples money as there are no clear announcement to avoid the trap!! And also no one is responsible .

I received tobi 111 email scam . So some people can easily hack trustwallet database to fish some email addresses…!
Do not worry I won’t reply
So please tell me something! you must know what is going on as a moderator.

@Samsufi Please submit a ticket at as the Customer support team are in the best position to help you out regarding this.