Dai transaction fee is over $100

Hi can anyone help me. I recently transfer DAI from my binance account to my trust wallet to buy Shiba coins but I didnt realized that I need Etherium to proceed. Now I want to move out my DAI but ETh gas network fees is charging too much, it is chargong me over $100 but the amount of DAI i have is only $130 this is ridiculously high tramsaction fee. Can some one help me.out I really need to use my DAI. Thanks in advance.

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Gaz ├╝cretleri ├žok fazla. 10 liral─▒k i┼čleme 500 TL gaz ├╝creti istiyorlar. Trust wallet kullanmak pi┼čmanl─▒kt─▒r. Soyguncu bir c├╝zdand─▒r tavsiye etmiyorum.