Daily limits transactions

Says I’m over daily limits but I was getting denied by moon pay and had no transactions go through? How have I reached a limit when nothing transferred?

Hello @Kingmaul, Apologies for the inconvenience.
Please reach out to the 3rd party crypto provider for immediate help.

Thank you so much jenny you have no idea how much I appreciate your help and reply

Hello @Kingmaul, I had something similar happen when I first started. I had a few successful test transactions as I was new to Trust Wallet and I wanted to see how the process worked without accidentally sending large sums into oblivion. After the first two successful transactions I tried sending $8K and it failed. I tried a second time and it failed as well. The third attempt gave me a message saying I’ve exceeded my daily balance. When I tried to send an amount within the daily limit that MoonPay said I had, I got another message saying I’ve exceeded my daily balance again. Only this time, the daily balance was reduced even though nothing was sent. When I contacted MoonPay about this, I found out they put a block on my debit card and wouldn’t tell me the reasons why, only saying it was for security reasons. This probably happened because I went big on my third transfer attempt and it set off security red flags. I ended up using the other service available (forgot the name, started with an S) and the transaction went through right away. I haven’t tried MoonPay since that day, but I’m sure my hold has been released by now. Hope this helps with understanding what happened to you. Cheers!