Dapp browser not working

The Dapp browser doesn’t load
I attach screenshot.

Isn’t there proper support for this just community volunteers? Very disappointing

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Hello what device model are you on and what app version?

The device is a Huawei mate 20 X running Android 10 with the laters version of Trust Wallet updated from the Playstore version 4.10
Is there any real support here besides useless questions and scammers?

Me too App is not there at all !!!

My device is iPhone.

You support is needed to resolve this issue.

How can i restore App to be able to trade

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Hello @Mse231166
The dApp browser was removed on IOS due to Apples policy.
Check this guide for an alternative:

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Hi please no site is opening on my dapp but when i click on dapp it will show me all site but clicking on any of those sites it will only open but not displaying any thing it will just remain like that

Hello @Ilex34 try to clear DApp browser cache by going to settings > preferences > DApp browser > Clear browser cache and try again.

Please it till not working i have also deleted the app from my phone and installed it again it till repeated the same error

Hi, anytime I try accessing a site on the DApp, my Trust wallet stop working and closes the entire Trust wallet App. What could be wrong?