DApp browser removal and TOMO

Since the Trust Wallet DApp browser is going away (at least for awhile), it appears there is no longer a way to stake TOMO on Trust Wallet iOS, outside of moving to Trust Wallet Beta on iOS, or Android. (a) Is that a correct assessment of the situation? (b) if one moves to the Beta on iOS, is TOMO staking available? (c) If one were to simply leave their current TOMO staking going when Trust Wallet removes the DApp browser, the statement on browser removal says the funds will stay around, but will the staking continue? And more importantly, where will the staked TOMO be deposited while the DApp browser is gone?

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As far as I know, your current staking will not be affected by the removal of the DApp browser.
I found this article about staking TOMO:

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Can you add option for selling crypto ??

Learn more here:

Does anyone know how to access the acct for ZRX staking now that the DAPP browser on iOS is gone? I only have any iPhone and no access to an andorid so that work around does me no good. Is there a simple way to connect and see my ZRX staking that I set up a few days before the iOS update that removed the DAPP browser. I am stuck in loops as I get to the OX staking site but can only connect Coinbase wallet and there is a link to connect another wallet but without being able to access that link in Trust im just stuck. I already staked my ZRX and just want to review and look at my balance but dont know another way. Anyone please help. Also, how do you start a new post on this community I can only find ways to reply. Sorry for replying on this thread.

See recommended solutions here:
Otherwise, you can use Metamask to access 0x platform.
But you need to get your Private Key first.
Here is a guide that you can use:

How does using meta mask help me accessing the ZRX I already staked a few days ago via the Trust app before the latest update??? Metamask allows me to access the OX platform but what or how do i then access what I staked through Trust wallet?

Trust Wallet is a decentralized wallet. So it follows the standard of other crypto wallets.
As an alternative, you can access 0x with Metamask using the same address via the Private Key.
Please read the article link as it gives more options to access DApps.