DApp Connection error

Why so hard to connect dapps with trust wallet?and sometimes the balance load to long even the didnt show up at all and i am also want tell it the price sometimes doesnt tell the actual price even the fee i am using a test flight on ios my connection was really really good


Hi @diansinggih,

To better assist, please provide us your Trust Wallet app version (go to settings and press “About”)


5.0(501) sir so many bug the price is not actual and so hard to get dapss

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Noted, thanks for providing the requested information. The dev team will check the said issue.

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Please update your app to the latest version (5.3)

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Hi, I used android version and after updating to 1.19.9, I cannot connect to uniswap and crypto dot com defi swap, error is “chain is not supported” and after clearing the DApp browser cache, I got the Error "Unable to resolve host “bridge dot walletconnect dot org”: No address associated with hostname. Rebooting the phone doesn’t help. Even installing the wallet onto another android phone didn’t help. Please fix ASAP.

PS I’m new here so can’t post screenshot or link according to your restrictions.

Hello @yan_l

Please try to attach the screenshots again so we can understand further.

Please use the built-in DApp browser instead of WalletConnect

oh, that seems to have solved the problem thanks!

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