Dapp problem with Lionshare

I’m wondering if anyone can help me, I bought a smart contract but when I joined I used the Dapp but it doesn’t seem to have connected my wallet to the smart contract. Although on Etherscan I can see the transaction took place and it went to the right person. How do I connect my wallet ? This is for Lionshare.

Give it time, it will automatically connect.
You can get your login ID to view ur dashboard by going to ether scan. If you need help let me know

I need help please. It’s incorrect.
I am.able to get into my.back office but I can’t upgrade everytime I want to, a message says I have to use authorise login. But when I. Go to authorise lock it it says I must open my wallet. But my wallet is open ?
Also part of my sign up link is not highlighted , almost like it’s broken ?

This is already an issue with the smart contract platform.
Please reach out to them and ask assistance.