Dapps Browser History Clear keeps crushing the app

I have been trying to clear Dapps Browser history by swiping to the left but the app keeps crushing, what is the best solution? I have tried deleting it one at a time, but always end up crushing the app. The app is really taking alot of my phone’s memory all because of the browser history. I can’t clear them through ‘Clear Cache’ because it goes into the app’s data. If only they introduce a way to clear history.

I open alot of decentralized websites through the browser and lots of them have huge files which end up leaving lots of cookies.

If anyone has a solution to this, I will really appreciate.


+1 for the navigation and history&cookie deleting functionality.

@vikmeup @zachzwei - Please add tabs functionality to the browser. It will be helpful tool for navigation


We will look into this suggestion. Thanks.


Hi Andrew,
With recent use of dApps - Pancakeswap and Dego, my Browser is also acting up strangely and is slow. I believe this is the time to get history delete option for Browser. Otherwise, the only way out is by reinstalling TrustWallet app and restoring the wallets. But with this, I won’t have a good user experience.

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There is already a Clear Browser cache option under Preferences.
Have you tried that?

This does not delete the browser history. Is there another option?

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How can i clear cache for ios? i have deleted the app resigned in and i am having an issue with my old metamask account still the only one being signed in and i need my new metamask account signed in.