Dapps Browser History Clear keeps crushing the app

I have been trying to clear Dapps Browser history by swiping to the left but the app keeps crushing, what is the best solution? I have tried deleting it one at a time, but always end up crushing the app. The app is really taking alot of my phone’s memory all because of the browser history. I can’t clear them through ‘Clear Cache’ because it goes into the app’s data. If only they introduce a way to clear history.

I open alot of decentralized websites through the browser and lots of them have huge files which end up leaving lots of cookies.

If anyone has a solution to this, I will really appreciate.


+1 for the navigation and history&cookie deleting functionality.

@vikmeup @zachzwei - Please add tabs functionality to the browser. It will be helpful tool for navigation


We will look into this suggestion. Thanks.


Hi Andrew,
With recent use of dApps - Pancakeswap and Dego, my Browser is also acting up strangely and is slow. I believe this is the time to get history delete option for Browser. Otherwise, the only way out is by reinstalling TrustWallet app and restoring the wallets. But with this, I won’t have a good user experience.

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There is already a Clear Browser cache option under Preferences.
Have you tried that?

This does not delete the browser history. Is there another option?

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How can i clear cache for ios? i have deleted the app resigned in and i am having an issue with my old metamask account still the only one being signed in and i need my new metamask account signed in.

You can enable it by following the steps below:

  • Open Trust Wallet on your Android device.
  • Click to your settings.
  • Under Preferences, Select DApp browser.
  • Turn it on (Enable).

From the bottom menu, tap DApps once the feature has been enabled. Then, select the DApp you wish to use and follow all the steps for connecting Trust Wallet to the DApp.

You Can Also Check For iOS Device On Our Website Here Not Allowed.