Dark mode option?

I know I can enable dark mode within the app, but is there an option to enable it here on the forum? I had the below message when I completed the advanced user guide, and also have the option for other community forums, but I can’t see it in interface preferences?


i nearly thought dark mode wasn’t available. unfortunately imma have to spend some time without it since i’m still a basic user

Thats what I’m asking. I received that message, but there is no option to enable dark mode in preferences

Did you check in the Preferences under “Interface”?

Yep, it’s not there like it is on other forums I use

That’s not good news. Maybe you can try contacting Trusty or support. who knows maybe all you need is to logout & login again to see the option (just my thoughts)

It’s good we can enable also

Tried the logout & login, still no option to enable dark mode, I’ll try asking trusty :wink:

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@along007 how did it go with @trusty

Apparently there is no dark mode option, I’ve advised that the message to new advanced users should be altered

Good to know mate👌, no dark mode for now😅

I also didn’t got dark mode option

There isn’t a dark mode option