Data price are not showing in my wallet still 0$


I am wondering why after 15 days that I bought OPSEC and SUPER DRAGON the coin show in my wallet but there’s not data price yet and there is 0$ in my balance

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@Albertazemi The price of the token depends on several factors.

If it is not actively traded on exchanges then the price will not show on the app.

Learn more here:

But what is worrying me is that coin is listed in coun market cap and i can see the price there i read that trust wallet get price from coin market cap

Iam worried about that

@Tobi Iam still waiting for your help i textet you in telegram as you said

@Albertazemi You are speaking with an impersonator, i would never ask to speak to you on Telegram.

@Tobi owe well thanks for letting me know that I would never know that

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