Decentralized ok, but isn’t it time to unite all exchanges on the blockchain?

We all have different accounts on different exchanges over the world.
We all experience different prices, different volumes etc. Besides, while some coins are available on some exchanges, they may not be trade able on others. Even differences in events like airdrops for instance, while some exchanges accept and distribute them, others just don’t.
We should think about how to solve this kind of problems. And i think in the end the solution won’t be just in favor of crypto traders, but also in favor of all exchanges.
Concider, all order books were on one place like blockchain, and all trades happened with the same logic queued on the order books in this system.
This would create a real time synchronized price level on all exchanges, much bigger order books, much bigger volumes. As a result all different crypto currencies will be available on all exchanges, actions in different crypto currencies will be noticed on all exchanges over the world and this will create a faster growth of all trustworthy coins and eliminate also the less serious represented crypto coins.
This would increase believe and trust of more people outside the crypto community and let them join our community.
This should be possible easily. All exchanges should be connected with each other thru this system and cooperate on this system. This cooperation can bring even more positive changes. It can increase the security of all exchanges, it will cause a continues trading pool wherein all customers of all exchanges over the world trade with each other, it can create more stable coins connected to more currencies or other types of raw materials etc.
This connection is inevitable in the end anyway. The blockchain is one, but exchanges can create their own bubbles and influence other traders on other exchanges and make them take stupid decisions due to instant mistakes. Think about sudden and reasonless price changes of any coin on one exchange in the past, which made a lot of people on other exchanges suddenly panic and undertake unnecessary actions with big losses as result.
I think the crypto community has more smart people who can think of more benefits of this system.
Thanks for reading my idea,

Fikret Çiçek.


you mean no more arbitration? no more new exchange listing hype? well, i don’t think people will like this idea.


In the stock market, there are also different exchanges (Euronext, NYSE, Tokyo Stock Exchange, SIX, etc.) where the same stock can be traded.

And both on the stock market and the crypto market, traders are doing arbitrage. So, somehow, there is a connection.

I agree, though, that considering the size of the crypto-market, the number of exchanges is very large. This gets even worse with new decentralized exchanges. That being said, exchanges are not the only way to trade assets, and the success of liquidity pools is a striving exemple.



I agree also with your vision, but we need to get at least the mother of all coins as an alternative payment method. All other coins can and will for the bigger part remain as they are.

Crypto communities will also have to distinguish themselves. Please read my comment to Mr. Jior for my opinion about this.

What concerns exchanges, that’s the idea, think about all incidents in the past (i mean from hack attacks to fraude, but also spikes due to low volume at sudden moments, to exchanges disappearing completely). This will all end. Or become almost impossible. Because this synchronization will cause som sort of standard if it reaches to a common used alternative payment method. And if it reaches that point it will get the necessary attention, committees and most important commissions will be created to keep everything under control. This is more comparable with the banking world instead of stock exchanges. But on blockchain the crypto community will continue trading alts.

Just my opinion in addition to my original post and reply to Mr. Jior.

Thanks for your attention,


We are all entitled to our choices :heart_eyes:

I understand your point of view and agree also partially with you but you should consider following details:

Not everyone is in blockchain for active trading or quick scalping or for other risky opportunities. And also we should not forget the original purpose of digital ‘currency’. We have to move forward to take our place in the world of payments.(not only for games and porn, a true competitor against currencies of countries, or at least a common alternative like creditcard payments or bank wires etc)

We can achieve this only by making the community bigger.

If the community gets bigger (2-3-5-10x of actual size) your assets will increase in value on such a way that you won’t miss arbitration. Most of the community and a specially noobs won’t even mind this. And you won’t mind it too. If your groceries shop around the corner or the cars dealers and so on start accepting BTC you’ll notice you don’t mind.

Listing hypes should disappear by himself anyway. Why? Ico’s should If not end, almost stop one day too. This cannot continue forever. It will naturally stop one day. And coins cannot continue appearing on new exchanges. Let’s assume this idea takes form slowly, it’ll take years, by that time most renowned exchanges will offer the most renowned alts. It cannot continue forever.

And besides, exchanges will have to distinguish them selves more from each other. So in my opinion this can create even new opportunities. Of course exchanges can also partially group in parities which are not on synchronized, just an idea.

We need to reach to bigger communities to achieve our true goals, 1 become a real payment method and 2 to let increase the value of our assets.

We need to synchronize so all exchanges can offer all available currencies on blockchain.

We only need to synchronize in BTC parities. Not even ETH or stable coins. This will cause a stable situation between exchanges on BTC parities, increase trust of outsiders, increase the community.
This new community with intention to use digital currency as payment method, will automatically be encouraged to invest in trustworthy alt coins.

Alt coins will also be eliminated by time and only the strong ones will survive. So their communities will have to distinguish themselves too as well. For instance by partnerships with brands or parties out of financial or industrial/retail sectors.

The evolution is non stoppable. Standing still means falling behind. But if we take action, then we can start a revolution. And with that revolution we’ll all get to a better life. Just the idea of this synchronization will cause the preparation of the mother of all pumps. Just the run to this pump should be enough to reward all hard workers since the beginning of all this.

I’m not trying to convince you, this is what i expect of crypto currencies. If we don’t do anything blockchain can turn in let’s say a decade to a platform used for encryption and transfers of digital valuables. But if it would reach to a place as alternative payment method in daily life, then we can be sure it all will remain for the future generations. And of course the financial mega bonus at that time.

This is it, as addition to my original post, in a nutshell.

Thanks for your time,

Fikret Çiçek.