Decommisioned validator.Cannot unstake from Trust wallet

I have been staking a small amount of KAVA using Trust wallet.One of the validators i had chosen was “POS Bakerz” which is not “Stakin”:Coming to the main issue-I’m now trying to unstake this KAVA via trust app but on selecting unstake option the validator name is shown as “decommissioned”.I am still able to see the amount i had staked and everything,however when i continue with the unstaking process the app shows a null pointer error and is not completing the unstake process.Any help would be appreciated!


Hi @slkev7,

To better assist, please provide us the following information:

  1. Trust Wallet app version (go to settings and press “About”)
  2. KAVA address
  3. Screenshots of the wallet (including errors)

Thank you for your response.Please find the details below

1.App version-1.22.25(Android)
2.KAVA address- kava14dgs8cl0u7pjncy8ca5awud68pvhf84ynaf8r2
3.Screenshots attached

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Thanks for providing the requested information @slkev7. Will relay this to the dev team now.

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Wanted to provide a quick update here.As of today,the validator name is listed correctly .I went ahead and tried to unstake and it seems to have completed the process.It’s currently at the undelegation stage and if everything goes per plan i can confirm it works as expected at the end of 21 days(unstake period).
Meanwhile-Thanks for your support!


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