DeFi.nitely Binance

  • Could $TWT :trust: go through metamorphosis into a pegged stable coin for the TRUST wallet platform?
  • Could TRUST wallet become the DeFi division for Binance?
  • Subsequently, could DeFi rewards be paid in $TWT?

Thoughts community?

- Xian
Keep On Trusting :trust:


I vote no 2 and 3. Also rewards for buying NFT or staking. Hope they will launch new roadmap real soon.


Would go with 2 & 3…I am not a huge fan of pegging with stablecoin

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I prefer Defi :speaking_head: :speaking_head:

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I think it will be of more advantage to binance now if we have number 2 and 3 implemented.

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At very first sight - basicly Defi token need “mint” process, and TWT is premined, sothere will be some misunderstanding in mathematics of basic process.
Wallet is wallet. Team already do a great (and undervalued by community) job by bring that web3.0 dapps browser to everyday level lf user interface. So make this lovely app a monster with 5 heads (defi, dex, d… name it) in order or hype will only bring some development problems. I think there is must be focus on develop todays potencial, while leave some conceptual and ungrown technology (look at eth fees, you know the drill))) a bit to use in massively used (5mil+ downloads) app for later.

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